We want the best for you!

Inspired by the term Pedal to the Metal our brands represent strength, diversity and everyday people doing extraordinary things by training hard in order to live a fulfilled life, no matter what the activity is.

Based and designed in Sydney Australia, our goal is to create and provide you with high quality functional products that will inspire you to push yourself and your body to new limits, whilst offering a versatile use from training to everyday lifestyle.

What started off as a hobby, has now turned into one of our biggest passions and we are more determined than ever to keep pushing and serve our crew with some comfortable, stylish and versatile pieces.

Train with purpose.

We have grown our passion to include a blissful, natural and organic range of products with the highest quality of ingredients that work with your body's chemistry to neutralize odour and nourish your skin. Our 100% natural formula is made up of Australian locally sourced ingredients such as coconut oil, magnesium, shea butter and selected essential oils. 


We hope you will join the mission with us.