About Us

Hi there and welcome to P2K. We are Vanina and Maria and we created P2Kare and sister brand PDL2KTL activewear.

Pedal 2 the Kettle was inspired by the term ‘Pedal to the Metal’.

Vani was pondering during an F45 challenge when Maria said to her ‘pedal to the metal’! Vani went on to win this challenge and it only felt fitting to adapt this for our brand.

Our brand represents strength, diversity and everyday people doing extraordinary things by training hard in order to live a fulfilled life, no matter what the activity is.

The concept was formed at F45 while working out. Vani has been raised around textile and design her whole life. Her family members are pattern makers, dress makers, textile designers and more. So we took inspiration from the gym and our families and sketched our designs. Starting with t-shirts, before we knew it we were getting samples, testing fabrics and had collections upon collections.

Based and designed in Sydney Australia, our goal is to create and provide you with high quality functional clothing that will inspire you to push yourself and your body to new limits, whilst offering a versatile use from training to everyday lifestyle wear.

What started off as a hobby in 2018, has now turned into one of our biggest passions and we are more determined than ever to keep pushing and serve our crew with some comfortable, stylish and versatile threads.

Train with purpose.

In 2020 after many years of using natural deodorants ourselves we decided to take the leap and create P2Kare. 

It was 5 years ago that we both had a brush with breast cancer through two separate friends, and after seeing how it impacted their life and overall health, we decided to stop using generic deodorants due to the possible links to breast cancer. It scared us, we won’t lie!

We made the switch, and it wasn’t as hard as we thought it would be. Soon enough, we were well into the Natural Deodorant craze, and we have never looked back.

We are extremely passionate about how we treat our bodies and what our skin gets nourished with. Since we have a love for natural products, we thought why not create our own.

After 16 months in the making, we finally bring you our fun and funky natural deodorant range. Each one is represented respectfully with the essential oils that we felt were in line with the names.

We are confident that the names of the deodorants represent exactly who we are as individuals, and as a brand. This is our small way of contributing to helping someone make the switch to Natural Deodorants.

We are 100% Australian owned and operated, and source our natural and organic ingredients in Sydney to deliver a product that won’t disappoint. It won’t have you smelling during your workouts, and everyday busy life.

You will sweat more and smell less.

We got your back, because it's natural, because it's Kare.

With our incredible cohesive items we bring you comfort and natural products to build you up.
Stepping into life's mission with you.


Vanina and Maria